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Level 3: Award in Education & Training (AET / PTLLS) Course in UAE

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Level 3: Award in Education & Training (AET / PTLLS) Course in UAE


Unlock your potential with the Level 3: Award in Education & Training (AET / PTLLS) Course in UAE. This prestigious course is a golden ticket to a promising career in education and training.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a classroom, empowering minds with knowledge, and shaping the future. This isn’t just a dream, it’s a possibility that’s within your reach.

The Level 3 AET / PTLLS course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach in a wide range of contexts. Whether you’re a novice stepping into the teaching world or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your credentials, this course is your pathway to success.

Don’t just dream about making a difference. Take the first step towards a rewarding career in education with the Level 3: Award in Education & Training (AET / PTLLS) Course in UAE.

Your journey towards becoming an influential educator starts here. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? The opportunity awaits, seize it now!

Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Level 3 AET Course in UAE !

Can you tell me about the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET) course in UAE?

The Level 3 AET course is an all-encompassing program aimed at preparing you to be an effective educator, whether as a teacher, trainer, or tutor across diverse learning environments. Advance Training Academy UAE ensures you gain all the essential skills and knowledge for this role.

Is the Level 3 AET the same as the PTLLS in UAE?

A: Indeed, they are identical qualifications. The PTLLS, or the Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, has evolved into what is now known as the Level 3 AET. Despite the name change, the essence and objectives of the qualification remain consistent. The Level 3 AET is what you’ll achieve with us at Advance Training Academy UAE.

What options do I have for taking the Level 3 AET course?

Advance Training Academy UAE offers you the flexibility to choose how you learn. Opt for our online platform for convenience or select classroom-based sessions for a more traditional setting. Both pathways come with comprehensive tutor support to guide you to success.

How does the online course format work?

Once enrolled, you’ll gain immediate access to all course content on our online platform. You have a generous in part-time 3 days to complete your level 3 AET course, but with dedication, you could be certified in as little as 2-3 weeks.

What’s the experience like with classroom-based learning?

For those preferring in-person instruction, we provide classroom sessions at various locations. Engage directly with our expert tutors and utilize resources like computers and projectors for an interactive learning experience, including your micro-teach session.

Does this course include any practical elements?

Yes, a 1-day micro-teach session is a core component of the course. Conduct it at one of our venues or remotely via platforms like Zoom. You’ll receive constructive feedback from peers, all facilitated by Advance Training Academy UAE.

Can I progress through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to fit your schedule, allowing you to learn at a pace that’s right for you, with Advance Training Academy UAE supporting you every step of the way.

Will I get tutor support during my studies?

Regardless of your chosen study mode, our experienced tutors will be there to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide feedback throughout your journey with Advance Training Academy UAE.

Is the Level 3 AET qualification recognized across UAE?

A: Without a doubt! This qualification is acknowledged nationwide, reflecting your preparedness to assume teaching roles anywhere in the country.

What opportunities for further education will I have after the Level 3 AET?

Completing the Level 3 AET sets a solid foundation for further educational pursuits, opening doors to higher qualifications like the Level 4 CET or Level 5 DET.

Will I continue to have access to the course materials after I finish?

Post-completion, you’ll retain access to the course content for a set period, allowing you to reference the materials to enhance your teaching practice.

How can Advance Training Academy UAE help me find a teaching job after the AET/PTLLS?

Advance Training Academy UAE doesn’t directly place graduates into teaching jobs. However, they can provide valuable career guidance and resources to help you in your job search.

This may include resume and cover letter writing workshops, job interview preparation tips, and access to job boards relevant to your teaching qualifications.

What are the entry requirements for the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course?

There are no formal entry requirements for the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course. However, it’s recommended that you have a strong grasp of the subject you intend to teach and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others.

What are the assessment methods for the Level 3 AET/PTLLS?

The Level 3 AET/PTLLS assessment involves a combination of assignments and presentations. You’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of the course materials and your ability to apply them in a teaching context.

Is there financial assistance available for the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course?

Financial assistance options for the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course may vary depending on your location and employment status. We recommend contacting Advance Training Academy UAE directly to inquire about any available scholarships or funding programs.

What happens after I complete the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course?

Upon successful completion of the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course, you’ll receive a recognized qualification that validates your teaching skills. With your newfound knowledge and confidence, you can start applying for teaching positions in various sectors across the UAE.

What Will You Learn From Our Level 3 AET Course in UAE?

Throughout our AET / PTLLS course, you will dive into various captivating topics to enhance your teaching prowess. Let’s take a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships in Education and Training:

Gain insights into the dynamic world of education, exploring the different roles and responsibilities involved. Understand the importance of building strong relationships with learners and colleagues.

  • Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches:

Discover the Power of Inclusivity in Education. Learn practical strategies to create an inclusive learning environment that caters to diverse learner needs. Unleash your ability to engage and motivate every student.

  • Understanding Assessment in Education and Training:

Become well-versed in the art of assessment. Explore various assessment methods, techniques, and principles. Master the skills needed to evaluate student progress and provide valuable feedback.

  • Planning and Delivering Inclusive Teaching and Learning Sessions:

Learn the secrets of effective lesson planning and delivery. Discover how to design engaging sessions that cater to different learning styles. Uncover innovative approaches to captivate your learners’ attention.

  • Understanding the Principles of Evaluation and Feedback:

Delve into the world of evaluation and feedback. Acquire a solid understanding of the principles that underpin effective evaluation processes. Learn how to provide constructive feedback that supports student growth and development.

Our AET Training Course Content in (UAE):

  • Chapter 1: The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher / Trainer In Education & Training
  • Chapter 2: Relationships Between Education And Training
  • Chapter 3: Inclusive Teaching Approaches To Meet The Needs Of Learners
  • Chapter 4: Principle Of Assessment In Education And Training
  • Chapter 5: How To Create A Safe And Supportive Learning Environment
  • Chapter 6: How To Motivate Learners
  • Chapter 7: Planning, Delivery, And Evaluation Of Inclusive Teaching And Training
  • Chapter 8: Different Assessment Methods
  • Chapter 9: How To Recognize And Deal With Potential Problems
  • Chapter 10: Teaching Equipment And Aids
  • Chapter 11: Practical Teaching Sessions (Teaching Concept And Technique)

Invest in Your Teaching Future: Why Choose Our Level 3 AET/PTLLS Course in the UAE!

The UAE’s education landscape is thriving, and with it comes a growing demand for qualified instructors. Our Level 3 AET/PTLLS course provides a comprehensive and regionally-specific program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this dynamic field. Here’s what sets our course apart:

  • Officially Recognized Qualification: Earn the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET), the essential qualification for teaching adults (post-16) within the UAE.
  • Enhance Your Professional Standing: Whether you’re a new trainer or an experienced professional, this course elevates your skillset and validates your expertise, propelling you towards a successful teaching career in the UAE.
  • Regionally-Focused Content: Our curriculum is meticulously tailored to address the specific needs and requirements of the UAE education sector. Gain practical insights and teaching strategies specifically applicable to your chosen field.
  • Flexible Learning Options: We understand busy schedules. We offer a variety of delivery methods, including online learning, part-time, and full-time options, allowing you to fit your studies seamlessly into your existing commitments.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the invaluable knowledge and experience of our team of seasoned instructors. Receive personalized support and mentorship throughout your learning journey, ensuring you have the resources needed to succeed.

Investing in our Level 3 AET/PTLLS course is an investment in your future. With this qualification, you unlock exciting career opportunities within the UAE’s burgeoning education sector. Enroll today and take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career.

After I submit my portfolio, how soon will I receive my certificate?

Typically, it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your certificate after portfolio submission. We prioritize prompt processing and issuance to celebrate your success without delay.

Certificate Consistency

Does the course format affect the type of certificate I receive?

No matter the format—class-based, distance learning, or Zoom—your certificate remains consistent, symbolizing your accomplishment in the AET/PTLLS course.

Awarding the Certificate

How do I earn the certificate?

The certificate is your reward for meeting all course requirements, including coursework, assessments, and portfolio submission. It’s a testament to your hard work and dedication.

Is this certificate recognized across the nation?

Absolutely! The certificate is nationally recognized, endorsing your skills and readiness to excel in various educational roles.

Can this certificate help advance my career in education?

Indeed! The AET/PTLLS certificate is a beacon of your professional growth, opening doors to diverse teaching and training opportunities.

Will I be able to get a digital or physical copy of my certificate?

Yes, you can choose either a digital or physical copy of your certificate, providing you with the flexibility to display your credentials as you prefer.

How can I book the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course in UAE?

You can book conveniently! Book online AET Booking course in UAE- Advance Training Academy (advancetraininguk.com), call us at Contact UAE: +971 50 575 0597

24/7 Whatsup number: +44 7852 250469 Email: info@advancetraininguk.com

Is there an online booking option?

Yes, you can book online through the link AET Booking course in UAE- Advance Training Academy (advancetraininguk.com) provided.

Can I book the course by phone?

Absolutely! Call us at Contact UAE: +971 50 575 0597  Whatsup number: +44 7852 250469

for immediate booking.

Can I visit your office to book in person?

Yes, you can walk into our office to book your course at your convenience & We are organize two major conferences a year !

What is the total cost of the Level 3 AET/PTLLS course in UAE?

We offer the AET/PTLLS course at an affordable price, starting from 2000 AED. Additionally, you can benefit from a discounted online/distance learning.

Are there any additional course fees besides the base price?

No, there are no hidden charges. The course fee covers everything.

Can the course be delivered at my location?

Yes, absolutely! We can deliver the course at your location if you have a sufficient number of participants.

What are the benefits of having the course delivered on-site?

 On-site delivery brings flexibility and eliminates travel for your participants.

What payment methods do you accept for the course fee?

We typically accept stripe, credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. Please confirm the available options at the time of booking.


Can I pay for the course in installments?

No. We have no installment plans.

Is there a discount for early booking or group bookings?

(If applicable) We may offer early bird discounts or group booking discounts. Please inquire about current promotions during booking.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee typically covers course materials, exams, and certification. Please confirm the inclusions at the time of booking.

Is there a refund policy if I need to cancel my course enrollment?

We do have a refund policy. Please refer to our terms and conditions or inquire about the policy during booking.

Venue Price Select Date Quantity Buy Now
Online Course / Distance Learning
Course materials will be sent within 24 hours of booking. Support is available through Email, Phone, Skype & if necessary one to one tutorials.
Live Virtual Learning through Zoom meeting