Can I Appeal The Outcome Of My Level 3 Sia Trainer Course Assessment?

Can I Appeal The Outcome Of My Level 3 Sia Trainer Course Assessment

If you are unsatisfied with your Level 3 SIA Trainer Course assessment result, you may wonder – can I appeal? Understanding the appeal process provides clarity if you need to contest your course results.

The SIA Trainer Course includes assessments like exams, microteaches, and observed sessions. This measures if you meet the standards for an SIA trainer license.

What Can You Do If Your Performance Leads To An Unfavorable Outcome?

1. Assessment Overview

On the course, assessment methods include:

  • Multiple choice exams
  • Lesson planning assignments
  • Delivering a microteach session
  • Being observed teaching by your trainer

Meeting criteria on all is needed to qualify for SIA trainer status.

2. Appeal Options

If you fail any aspect, you typically can:

  • Review your marked work to understand deficiencies
  • Resubmit improved assignments within a timeframe
  • Retake an exam if failed
  • Complete a observation session if needed

Assessors provide feedback so you can correct shortcomings before appealing.

3. Consider Retaking the Course

If you fail multiple assessments or are denied on appeal, you may need to:

  • Refresh your skills through related development
  • Retake the entire SIA Trainer Course.

Starting over fully may give you the comprehensive ability boost required.

Our Last Thoughts:

You can appeal through steps like assignment resubmissions, exam retakes, and reobserved sessions. However, multiple or broad assessment failures may require you to refresh your skills and retake the entire course. Targeted development will boost your abilities to pass all criteria.

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