How Many Units Are There In The Level 3 Sia Trainer Course?

How many units are there in the Level 3 SIA Trainer Course

Aspiring to become a Level 3 SIA Trainer? Curious about the number of units in the course?

The Level 3 SIA Trainer Course is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics, including adult learning principles, lesson planning, assessment techniques, and security-specific training.

To cater to this breadth of knowledge, the course is structured into multiple units, each with its own specific learning objectives.

Imagine being able to teach the next generation of security professionals and help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to keep our communities safe. As a Level 3 SIA Trainer, you’ll be in high demand and can command a good salary.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Level 3 SIA Trainer Course and the number of units, I encourage you to contact a few different training providers.

They will be able to give you more information and help you to decide if the course is right for you.

The Units of Level 3 Sia Trainer Course!

The Level 3 SIA Trainer Course is typically comprised of 6-8 units. The specific units covered may vary depending on the training provider, but they typically include the following:

  • Introduction to Adult Learning
  • Security-Specific Training
  • Teaching and Training
  • Assessment
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection

Some training providers may also offer additional units on specific topics, such as physical intervention or customer service.

Each unit is typically worth 3-5 credits, and the total number of credits required to complete the course will vary depending on the training provider and the specific units covered. However, most Level 3 SIA Trainer Courses require learners to achieve a minimum of 12 credits.

Once you have successfully completed the Level 3 SIA Trainer Course and achieved the required number of credits, you will be eligible to apply for SIA accreditation. This accreditation will allow you to teach SIA-approved security training courses.

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