Should I Do Any Pre-Course Reading Before Starting The Level 3 Sia Trainer Course?

Should I Do Any Pre-Course Reading Before Starting The Level 3 Sia Trainer Course

Are you signed up for the Level 3 SIA Trainer Course soon? Wondering if you should do any pre-course reading to prepare? Some preparation can help you hit the ground running.

The Level 3 SIA Trainer Course equips you to deliver professional training to security teams. The course covers essential topics like communication skills, lesson planning, assessment methods and more.

Doing some advance reading lays a good knowledge foundation for the intensive course.

Recommended Pre-Course Reading

Consider reading:

  • The course handbook – Review key concepts, learning outcomes, and assessments
  • Training technique books – Study methods for engaging delivery
  • Industry publications – Refresh sector knowledge like licensing, laws, and standards
  • Existing training materials – Analyze structure, content and activities

Other useful reading includes blogs, articles and videos on security training best practices.

Key Benefits

Pre-course reading provides:

  • Familiarity with concepts – Speeds up your learning curve
  • Confidence for assessments – Retain more knowledge
  • Preparedness for exercises – Apply techniques right away.

You can participate more actively with existing foundational knowledge.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

While useful, avoid information overload:

  • Read in short chunks – 30 mins to an hour
  • Stick to 2-3 resources – Curate quality over quantity
  • Take notes – Jot key points rather than trying to memorize

Use pre-course reading to prime yourself, not overwhelm yourself.

Our Final Fate

Some targeted pre-course reading like the SIA trainer handbook can give you a head start. But don’t go overboard. Focus on absorbing key concepts to maximize your readiness.

Reading the course handbook, training technique books, and industry publications for 30-60 minutes at a time can optimize your preparation.

But avoid information overload. The key is priming your knowledge before the course, not memorizing everything.

Get certified today and take charge! As a SIA-licensed teacher, Advance Training is excited to help you do well.

Through our hands-on curriculum, you’ll learn how to give skilled training. Learn how to make dynamic lessons, test students, and use the newest security measures.

Book now to start a rewarding job as a trainer qualified by the SIA.

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