Can Anyone Take A Level 3 First Aid Course?

Can Anyone Take A Level 3 First Aid Course

First aid training empowers people to provide assistance in medical emergencies. A level 3 first aid course teaches advanced skills to help sustain life until professional medical care arrives. But can just anyone take this more advanced training?

The quick answer is yes. Advance Training Academy welcomes anyone 18 or older to enroll in our level 3 first aid courses, regardless of experience. Read on to learn more about these courses’ content, usefulness, and accessibility.

Who Can Benefit from Advanced First Aid Training?

Many employers and industries require staff to hold a level 3 first aid qualification. Common examples include:

  • Childcare workers
  • Construction crews
  • Event staff
  • Medical centers
  • Remote work sites
  • Residential care facilities
  • Sports coaches & outdoor recreation guides

In addition, level 3 equips anyone who wants extended emergency response skills for personal preparedness or community service. Skills mastered include:

  • CPR, AED, oxygen therapy
  • Treating wounds, burns, fractures
  • Managing medical emergencies – strokes, seizures, anaphylaxis
  • Understanding legal issues around first aid

What Does Level 3 First Aid Training Cover?

Our 2-day classroom course delivers intensely practical instruction across core topics:

Day 1

  • Assessing emergency situations
  • CPR, defibrillation (AED)
  • Unconsciousness, choking, shock
  • Bleeding, fractures, spinal injuries

Day 2

  • Head injuries, chest injuries
  • Medical emergencies – asthma, stroke, seizures, anaphylaxis
  • Abdominal, eye injuries
  • Burns, poisoning, drowning
  • Reporting procedures & legal issues

The course ends with two assessed scenarios where you demonstrate skills.

Upon passing, you gain a nationally recognized Level 3 Award in First Aid Response certificate, valid for 3 years. Annual refreshers are recommended.

Why Is Advanced Training Essential?

Level 3 first aid goes far beyond basic skills like bandages and CPR. It prepares you to manage critical, life-threatening situations using specialized techniques and equipment.

For example, level 3 first aiders learn to:

  • Correctly administer oxygen to those struggling to breathe
  • Use a defibrillator (AED) to attempt revival of cardiac arrest victims
  • Immobilize suspected spinal injuries to avoid paralysis
  • Provide immediate care for heart attacks, strokes, seizures, anaphylaxis, and more

Such advanced interventions can dramatically impact patient survival and recovery. They require proper training, however, to avoid further harm.

That’s why level 3 focuses extensively on realistic emergency simulations. Mastering these advanced skills builds the competence and confidence to respond appropriately when lives hang in the balance.

Accessible Training at Advance First Aid Academy

So who can take a level 3 first aid course? Again, any adult can enroll and succeed, regardless of background.

Advance Training Academy offers flexible options making these courses widely accessible:

Convenient Class Schedules

  • Weekday, evening & weekend classes
  • Ongoing start dates (join anytime)
  • 2-day length fits most schedules

Online First Aid Courses

  • Blended eLearning
  • Virtual classroom editions
  • Self-paced online content

Free Retakes & Refresher Training

  • Rejoin future classes to refresh material at no cost
  • Annual refresher course available

Discounts for Groups & Employers

  • Custom classes for 10+ students
  • Special rates for staff training initiatives

Visit our course overview page for full details. Or call 02089658255 to ask any questions and discuss your goals.

We look forward to welcoming you into our next level 3 first aid course!

Enroll in Advance Training Academy’s Level 3 First Aid Course!

Ready to gain advanced emergency response skills? We invite everyone 18+ to join our practical 2-day classes.

To enroll, choose either:

  • Call 02089658255 to ask questions and have us help select your course dates
  • Email with your desired schedule and location
  •  we would be happy to discuss which Level 3 first aid qualification would best suit your needs and help you book your preferred date.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. Our friendly team is always happy to provide advice and recommendations to new students.

We hope to train with you soon so you can master these essential first aid techniques. Lives depend on competent action from well-prepared responders like yourself.

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