How Long Is A Level 3 First Aid Course?

How Long Is A Level 3 First Aid Course

First aid training is crucial for anyone interested in helping others during medical emergencies. When every second counts, having the right knowledge and skills can make all the difference. If you’re considering signing up for a Level 3 first aid course, one key question is likely on your mind – how long will it take to complete?

Luckily, Level 3 first aid courses are quite comprehensive yet manageable in terms of time commitment. Read on for a breakdown of course length, topics covered, and other key details to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you need first aid skills for an occupational requirement or just want to be prepared as an everyday citizen, understanding what to expect from this type of certification is important.

Course Breakdown

The average Level 3 first aid course lasts between 2-4 days depending on the provider and course specifics. This may be consecutive days in an intensive format or spread out over several weeks in evening or weekend sessions. Expect each day of training will include 6-8 hours of in-person instruction, practice, and evaluation.

Some key factors determining ultimate course length include:

  • Course format – Classroom-based or blended online/in-person course
  • Class size – Smaller groups allow for more hands-on practice
  • Course intensity – Consecutive full day sessions or distributed hourly sessions

In addition to the instructor-led sessions, expect to spend about 2-4 hours on pre-course online modules or other remote coursework depending on the provider. Well-designed blended courses make good use of online learning for knowledge content, reserving the precious in-person time for critical skills development.

No matter how the course is structured, the minimum requirement across all accredited Level 3 first aid certifications is 18 hours of total coursework – counting both remote and in-person components.

Skills & Topics Covered

With so many hours devoted to first aid training, rest assured that Level 3 certification is comprehensive. These intensive courses will prepare you to properly assess victims, make sound decisions, and deliver appropriate aid after accidents and injuries.

Here is an overview of some key skills and topics covered:

  • Adult & pediatric CPR
  • AED (automated external defibrillator) use
  • Treating burns, wounds, head/spinal injuries
  • Medical emergencies like strokes, seizures, anaphylaxis
  • Oxygen therapy
  • First aid kit preparation

Depending on the exact certification, courses may also cover elements like wilderness first aid, evacuation procedures, incident reporting, and more.

Review the detailed curriculum before registering to ensure the course aligns with your specific needs. Those needing first aid knowledge for workplace compliance, for example, will want to verify that their training satisfies all requirements.

Next Steps: Enrolling in a Course!

Ready to register for first aid certification? Taking a Level 3 course is a fantastic way to prepare to assist in emergencies with confidence.

When selecting our course look for these key indicators of quality:

  • Nationally recognized and accredited certification
  • Experienced, credentialed instructors
  • Modern training facilities and equipment
  • Comprehensive blended learning options
  • Flexible scheduling for in-person sessions
  • Strong reputation with past students

Once enrolled, arrive prepared and ready to fully engage so you get the most from your first aid training. With diligent study and practice, you’ll complete your course well equipped to put your vital skills into action when the moment comes.

Our Last Verdict

In this informative blog post, we have explored key details on the typical length of Level 3 first aid courses. Within the timespan of 2-4 days and 18+ hours of total coursework, participants gain well-rounded emergency response skills through blended online and in-person instruction.

If seeking life-saving skills and certification, a Level 3 first aid course is absolutely worth the time investment. With thorough training from a quality provider, you can be prepared to assist victims of accidents, injuries, sudden illnesses, and other medical crises. Understanding what to expect in terms of topics covered and time commitment helps ensure you pick the right course to meet your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any recommendations or have additional questions. I’d be happy to discuss which Level 3 first aid qualification would best suit your needs and help you book your preferred date.

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