What Are The Practical Components Of A Level 3 First Aid Course?

What Are The Practical Components Of A Level 3 First Aid Course

When emergencies strike, quick competent care means everything. Level 3 first aid courses build such competence through intensive practical exercises. But what specifically comprises the hands-on training at this advanced certification level?

As a nationally accredited trainer, Advance First Aid Academy’s 2-day classroom program focuses on real-life emergency simulations. Read on for an inside look at the interactive drills, equipment demos, and scenarios making up over half of course time.

Key Skills Addressed in Hands-On Training!

Level 3 students MASTER core techniques like:

  • Administering CPR with AED defibrillation
  • Controlling severe bleeding & fractures
  • Managing unconsciousness, choking, and shock
  • Oxygen therapy for troubled breathing
  • Treating burns, poisoning, head/chest injuries

These interventions can sustain life until EMS teams fully stabilize patients. But they require realistic practice to ingrain appropriate habits.

Realistic First Aid Scenarios!

Accordingly, Advance First Aid Academy employs immersive emergency recreations. These force participants to demonstrate skills under pressure – just as in real crises.

Sample scenarios include:

  • Cardiac arrest – prompt CPR & defibrillation
  • Severe allergic reaction – EpiPen & oxygen
  • Compound fracture – immobilize & manage bleeding/shock
  • Stroke – monitor vitals & position victim properly

Such exercises comprise over 50% of level 3 course hours. Skills become second-nature when repeatedly performed in simulated workplace or public first aid contexts.

Essential Equipment Hands-On Practice

In addition to scenarios, students get supervised practice using core emergency response tools:

  • CPR manikins – for correct chest compression techniques
  • Training AEDs – to familiarize with defibrillator operation
  • Oxygen units – ensure proper setup, flow rates, procedures
  • Splints, slings – stabilize limbs/spines to avoid further harm
  • Dressings, bandages – control bleeding & infection risk

Guided demos prevent improper use that could endanger patients. Just hearing about such devices isn’t enough – competent helpers must handle them blindfolded if necessary.

Assessed First Aid Scenarios

After adequate practice, the final stage has participants manage two unfamiliar emergencies:

  1. Solo assessment – demonstrate core response capabilities
  2. Partnered assessment – collaborate managing a complex case

These test ability to utilize level 3 skills independently and as a team. Competent performance in both scenarios results in certification.

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What Do These Assessments Confirm?

Successful students integrate the full range of knowledge and techniques covered in class. They can independently:

  • Quickly assess emergency contexts
  • Establish response priorities
  • Execute step-by-step care protocols
  • Safely operate equipment like AEDs & oxygen
  • Continually re-evaluate while awaiting EMS

In short, they act as competent first responders – the intended outcome of level 3 certification.

Accessible Hands-On First Aid Training!

So what does it take to gain these indispensible skills? Simply the willingness for intense interactive learning over 2 weekdays.

Advance Training Academy removes obstacles to enrollment by providing:

  • Flexible training schedules
  • Online blended learning options
  • Accessibility support services
  • Affordable group rates

Learn more and lock in dates for our guaranteed hands-on level 3 first aid education.

Or call 02089658255 to ask questions and discuss options with our friendly course advisors.

Don’t leave emergency response capabilities to chance. Register today to practice life-saving skills until they become second nature!

Enroll in Level 3 First Aid Training!

We invite adults from all backgrounds to build real competence through our interactive 2-day course.

Lock in dates now by:

  • Calling 02089658255 – ask questions & select ideal schedules
  • Emailing info@advancetraininguk.com – customize enrollment
  • Booking online – choose course dates & location

We look forward to welcoming you into this intensely practical level 3 first aid experience. Learners consistently rate our simulation-centered approach as highly effective preparation for real emergencies.

Join us to gain the confidence only hands-on mastery provides!

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