What Career Progression Opportunities Are There For Internal Quality Assurers?

What Career Progression Opportunities Are There For Internal Quality Assurers

Internal quality assurance (IQA) is a vital role for ensuring high standards and continuous improvement in skills development, qualifications, and training programs.

As an internal quality assurer, you evaluate and monitor assessment practices to make sure they meet quality standards and comply with regulations. It’s an essential position for upholding quality and credibility.

If you currently work as an IQA or are considering moving into this field, you may be wondering – what are the career progression opportunities? Where can this role lead? Let’s explore some of the advancement possibilities.

Career Progression Opportunities For Internal Quality Assurers!

Skills Development

One of the most direct career development paths is continuing to build your skills and expand in your expertise. Some areas you could focus on include:

Advancing your assessment and verification qualifications. After achieving a Level 4 IQA qualification, some options are to complete a Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice or work towards higher education qualifications related to assessment, like a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Broadening your understanding of regulations and standards. Keep up-to-date with developments in your industry, qualification types, and compliance requirements. Know the specific criteria of regulators like Ofqual.

Strengthening your leadership and mentoring abilities. Mentor new IQAs, lead verification teams, deliver training, and influence policies and processes at your organization.

Developing specialized assessment capabilities. Gain skills in writing assignments, reviewing evidence, giving feedback, and making judgments – especially in your field or industry.

Building this wider and deeper set of competencies over time will make you an invaluable expert in assuring quality.

Career Development Opportunities

With a strong base of expertise and experience under your belt, several impactful career development options open up.

Lead Internal Verifier – Progress to managing verification teams and overseeing an organization’s entire internal quality assurance process.

Provide guidance to other verifiers.

  • External Quality Assurer – Apply your expertise in a consulting role across various organizations. Monitor IQA approaches objectively as an independent external verifier.
  • Learning and Development Manager – Utilize your understanding of qualifications, assessment, and regulations to design and manage training programs.
  • Policy Officer – Influence quality assurance best practices on an industry or regulatory body level. Shape future policies, standards, and guidance.
  • Further Education Lecturer – Teach the next generation of IQAs by delivering higher education programs in assessment principles and quality assurance.

The analytical abilities, leadership capabilities, and in-depth knowledge you gain as an internal quality assurance are invaluable for progressing into these roles or exploring other career options.

How To Advance Your IQA Career?

If you want to maximize your career potential in this field, here are some key tips:

  • Maintain a continuous learning mindset – actively build your skills and understanding year after year
  • Document your experience through an assessment log, recording CPD activities and evidence of your expertise
  • Network with other professionals to share best practices and stay updated on industry developments
  • Take on leadership opportunities like mentoring new assessors or joining policy working groups
  • Earn higher or specialized qualifications to signal your advanced competencies and capabilities
  • Get exposure across different qualification types, assessment methods, industries, and regulatory environments
  • Develop expertise in a niche area like healthcare, construction, leadership and management – or a specific assessment methodology

By being proactive and strategic in expanding your skills, relationships, credentials and sphere of influence over time, you can create an IQA career path that keeps growing in impact, recognition and reward.

The Future Is Bright For Career-Driven IQAs!

There is high demand for capable and qualified IQAs who can uphold assessment standards, manage risk, and assure consistent, fair outcomes.

Both regulatory changes like the reforms from IFATE and disruptions like Covid-19 have further highlighted the need for robust quality assurance to support valid, meaningful qualifications.

With your specialized assessment and verification expertise, you are equipped to fulfill this vital need while advancing into diverse senior and leadership roles.

The capabilities you build in the IQA function are transferable and prepare you for greater responsibility however your career develops.

So if you’re curious “what career progression opportunities are there for Internal Quality Assurers?” – the possibilities are extensive. Whether specializing as an expert IQA, leading verification strategy, shaping policy reform, lecturing at universities or moving into corporate training design – there are abundant options for making an impact and progressing as a quality assurance professional.

The growth in skills-based qualifications and demand for accuracy and integrity in assessment means now is the perfect time to take your IQA experience further. With the right qualifications, mindset and strategy – the possibilities are wide open.

Our Final Ways

Internal quality assurance offers a breadth of career pathways to suit different goals as your experience grows. For those eager to enhance their skills and unlock new possibilities, pursuing recognised qualifications like the Level 4 IQA Course from Advance Training Academy provides a strong stepping stone. Contact us today to start progressing your IQA career.

Don’t wait; book today and embark on your journey to becoming a qualified IQA professional.

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