What Is A Level 3 First Aid Course?

What Is A Level 3 First Aid Course

Are you looking to enhance your first aid skills and become a valuable asset in emergency situations? Look no further than the Level 3 First Aid Course offered by Advance Training Academy.

In this comprehensive course, you will gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to respond effectively to various medical emergencies.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Level 3 first aid training, including an overview of the course, who it’s suitable for, what’s covered, and how you can enroll.

 We’ve helped over 30,000 students gain confidence to respond in an emergency. Hopefully by the end, you’ll have all the details to decide if it aligns with your goals.

An Overview of Level 3 First Aid Courses

Level 3 first aid qualifications focus on equipping learners with a deeper level of understanding and practical skills. They build on the fundamentals covered in shorter Level 2 courses, diving into more complex topics and scenarios.

Some key features of Level 3 first aid training are:

  • In-depth theory and knowledge on patient care
  • Strong focus on developing practical first aid abilities
  • Assessment of skills through simulated scenarios
  • Approximately 18-36 hours of total course contact time
  • Geared for workplace, public, and personal needs

These more advanced courses enable you to provide care for severe life-threatening conditions. Level 3 first aiders gain competencies in areas including:

  • Administering supplemental oxygen
  • Managing fractures and wounds
  • Responding to anaphylaxis
  • Using an AED during cardiac arrest
  • Moving patients safely
  • Recording incidents accurately

Who Is It For?

While shorter first aid courses are suitable for the general public, Level 3 qualifications are ideal for:

  • Workplace first aiders – Employers often specify Level 3 as a minimum for appointed personnel. The skills align with health and safety executive (HSE) recommendations for higher risk workplaces.
  • Healthcare professionals – The courses complement medical training on patient assessment, incidents, injuries, and conditions.
  • Team leaders – Managers, supervisors, teachers, coaches and others leading groups greatly benefit from advanced capabilities.
  • Remote locations – Those working in areas distant from emergency services require comprehensive self-reliance.
  • Personal development – Some pursue Level 3 simply for confidence in responding to crises involving family and community.

Why Choose a Level 3 First Aid Course?

When it comes to providing immediate care during critical situations, having a solid understanding of first aid is crucial.

A Level 3 First Aid Course goes beyond basic first aid knowledge and equips you with advanced skills that can potentially save lives.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a teacher, a parent, or simply someone who wants to be prepared for emergencies, this course is designed for you.

What’s Covered in a Level 3 First Aid Course?

While course content can vary between training providers, these core subjects and topics will likely be addressed:

Roles and Responsibilities

Guidance on the duties, reporting, and record-keeping that comes with being a senior first aider.

Communication and Casualty Care

Practical elements like:

  • Accurately gathering patient information
  • Conducting head-to-toe assessments
  • Moving and handling techniques
  • Bandaging and dressings

Medical Emergencies

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Asthma
  • Diabetic emergencies

Trauma Emergencies

  • Severe bleeding and shock
  • Head, chest, and abdominal injuries
  • Burns
  • Fractures and spinal injuries


  • Respiratory issues
  • Environmental impact
  • Secondary assessments
  • Situational awareness

Skills are developed through a mix of theoretical teaching and scenarios for you to actively manage casualties with conditions that align with the course syllabus.

How To Enroll on a Level 3 First Aid Course

If you’ve decided you’d like to undertake more advanced training, here is a step-by-step guide to enrolling:

1. Choose Your Training Provider

Make sure to select an approved training centre with positive reviews. Ensure they offer Nationally Accredited Qualifications. You want confidence they’ll equip you with skills to save lives. Advance Training Academy delivers high quality courses nationwide recognised by employers and industry regulators.

2. Pick Your Course Type

Common options include:

  • 3 Day First Aid at Work – The flagship workplace course combines online learning with 2 days of face-to-face skills.
  • 2 Day Refresher – For those needing to recertify existing Level 3 knowledge on key learning.
  • 1 Day EFAW Annual Refresher – Quick annual skills updates to meet HSE compliance.
  • E-Learning – For qualified first aiders needing the flexibility of modular online training.

3. Select Your Date and Location

Browse available course dates that fit your schedule. Many providers offer flexible scheduling with both weekdays and weekends available for enrollment at venues across the UK.

4. Book Your Course

Confirm your enrollment to secure your FIRST CHOICE date and location. Providers like Advance Training Academy make booking quick and simple through their website, email, or telephone.

Our Final Ways

We hope this outline gives you a clear overview explaining what a Level 3 first aid qualification entails. Being equipped with the skills and confidence to take smart, prompt action when faced with a medical emergency can reduce further harm and save lives.

Level 3 first aid courses significantly build on fundamentals through in-depth theory and realistic scenarios. Workplaces often mandate these for their primary appointed persons. But improving capabilities also benefits healthcare providers, coaches, managers, remote workers, and personal development.

When choosing a provider like Advance Training Academy, you want to confirm their excellent reputation for delivering accredited, high-quality, practical training through a mix of online and face-to-face learning. Feel empowered to make a positive difference and enroll on a course that aligns with your responsibilities and availability.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any recommendations or have additional questions. I’d be happy to discuss which Level 3 first aid qualification would best suit your needs and help you book your preferred date.

Enrollment Options: To enroll in this course, you have two convenient options:

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