What Is The Difference Between Level 2 And Level 3 First Aid Course?

What Is The Difference Between Level 2 And Level 3 First Aid Course

Knowing how to provide rapid, effective first aid care while emergency responders are en route could help save a life.

To equip yourself with these crucial skills and knowledge, you may consider taking a first aid training course.

However, with options ranging from basic Level 1 to advanced Level 3, how do you choose the right qualification?

Understanding key differences between Level 2 and Level 3 first aid courses can make deciding which to take far less complex. Keep reading for an outline of the main distinctions to help select the most appropriate first aid certification for your needs.

Objectives & Positioning of Each Level

Each level of official first aid course is designed with specific objectives, users and settings in mind:

  • Level 2 is a basic-level certificate focusing on fundamentals needed for low risk environments.
  • Level 3 delivers more comprehensive, advanced care training for higher risk settings requiring greater duty of care.

Positioning Level 3 as more advanced, in-depth education helps identify some of the main contrasts between the two.

First Aid Scenarios Covered

A primary way Level 2 and Level 3 courses differ is through the first aid emergency scenarios you’re trained to respond to:

  • Level 2 first aid teaches basic skills for dealing with:
  • Cuts and bleeding
    • Burns
    • Sprains
    • Breaks
    • Unconscious casualties
  • Level 3 first aid adds advanced capabilities for:
  • Heart attacks
    • Strokes
    • Choking
    • Head trauma
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Childbirth
    • And more critical situations

So at Level 3, you expand well beyond fundamentals into more complex cases where fast response can be lifesaving.

Typical Course Duration

Due to the more extensive curriculum, the standard course lengths vary significantly:

  • Level 2: Approx. 6-12 hours total
  • Level 3: Approx. 18-24 hours total

As Level 3 aims to develop deeper first aid knowledge plus key skills like identifying signs of major illness, safely moving casualties, and use of oxygen, you should expect the time commitment to be longer.

Assessments & Certification

As Level 3 is the more advanced offering, the testing and administrative aspects also differ:

  • Level 2: Typically a written test only at end of classroom component
  • Level 3: Includes written exam and hands-on skills assessments with performance standards

And once you successfully complete training, here is how the certifications compare:

  • Level 2: Valid for 3 years from date issued
  • Level 3: Valid for 3 years from date issued

So in terms of administration, Level 3 again expects greater competency demonstrated through skills assessments, while both share a 3 year certification.

Typical Uses & Settings

Finally, due to the scope of emergency scenarios covered, intended settings vary substantially:

  • Level 2: Ideal for lower risk places like offices, retail shops, hospitality
  • Level 3: Created for higher risk locales like schools, care homes, health facilities, event venues

The broader medical knowledge plus focus on assessment and decision making in advanced Level 3 aims to equip you for more complex emergencies in settings where risk factors are greater.

So in summary, while both teach invaluable first aid skills, Level 3 simply expands well beyond fundamentals making it suitable for higher duty of care needs.

Why Choose Advance Training Academy for Your First Aid Course?

Clearly understanding the key distinctions between Level 2 and 3 first aid qualifications can make selecting the right option for your objectives simpler. Advance Training Academy delivers premium courses at both Levels across the UK.

Here’s why we’re a top choice for first aid training:

  • Over 15 years experience delivering accredited programmes
  • Small class sizes with hands-on practical teaching
  • Friendly, expert instructors who make learning easy
  • Weekday, weekend and evening course options
  • Free digital manual & online resources
  • Extremely high pass rates on assessments

With outstanding student satisfaction and flexible scheduling, we make getting trained in lifesaving skills stress-free.

Enroll Now in Your Ideal First Aid Course!

Thank you for your interest in Advance Training Academy’s Level 3 first aid courses. We offer a variety of options online or in one of our many classroom locations nationwide.

Our courses are approved by industry regulators and designed to provide hands-on practical skills to help in emergencies.

Please explore our course pages for full details on objectives, topics covered, schedules, and prices. I’d also recommend reviewing our many positive Trustpilot reviews to learn more about students’ experiences.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any recommendations or have additional questions. I’d be happy to discuss which Level 3 first aid qualification would best suit your needs and help you book your preferred date.

We hope this outline of key differences between basic and advanced levels assists you in picking the perfect first aid qualification. To book your spot in an upcoming class, get in touch using:

Our friendly team looks forward to helping you register for first aid training so you can be prepared to provide emergency care when lives are on the line!

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