What Is The Pass Rate For Level 3 First Aid Course?

What Is The Pass Rate For Level 3 First Aid Course

First aid skills can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Having the proper training and certification ensures you have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide assistance when someone is injured or falls ill.

Many employers and industries require first aid certification for staff. When considering a first aid course, an important factor is understanding the pass rates. So what can you expect for pass rates from level 3 first aid courses?

Detailed Pass Rate Information

Pass rates provide insight into a course’s difficulty level and the readiness of students who take it. The average pass rate for level 3 first aid courses is around 90%.

This high rate signifies most students who undergo proper training acquire adequate skills and knowledge. However, pass rates still vary among training providers.

Factors influencing pass rates include:

  • Course format – Online, classroom-based, or blended learning
  • Instructor quality – Their teaching methods and expertise
  • Assessment structure – Practical tests and written exams

Successfully passing also requires dedication from students in:

  • Attending all sessions
  • Participating actively
  • Revising thoroughly

Key Topics Covered

So what content and skills should you expect to develop? Level 3 first aid qualifications aim to equip you to provide leadership and supervision during incidents.

Key topics include:

  • Administering CPR and use of an AED
  • Treating injuries – wounds, burns, head injuries
  • Managing illnesses – heart attacks, strokes, asthma
  • Controlling bleeding and shock
  • Understanding legal responsibilities and reporting

You’ll gain both theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Expect hands-on sessions with scenarios using manikins and simulation equipment.

Confidence In Saving Lives

While being a first aider brings major responsibility, level 3 equips you with diverse techniques, judgement and confidence to handle emergencies. The high pass rates indicate if you participate fully, you’re very likely to successfully pass.

Check out these sample pass rates from leading training providers for assurance:

ProviderPass Rate
British Red Cross92%
St John Ambulance89%
Advance Training Academy93%

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So you can rest assured that with focus and practice, you’ll gain certification. And joining millions of first aiders worldwide who save lives every year.

Conclusion and Next Steps

I hope this breakdown has helped explain level 3 first aid course pass rates. Advanced skills and responsibility may seem daunting, but providers deliver training to equip you thoroughly.

The average pass rate is 90% which means if you commit fully, you stand a very good chance of getting certified. This will enable you to potentially save lives and meet workplace/community needs.

Please explore our course pages for full details on objectives, topics covered, schedules, and prices. I’d also recommend reviewing our many positive Trustpilot reviews to learn more about students’ experiences.

Don’t hesitate to contact Advance Training Academy if you need any recommendations or have additional questions. We would be happy to discuss which Level 3 first aid qualification would best suit your needs and help you book your preferred date.

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